About CalUMS PRO

CalUMS PRO non profit roots.

CalUMS PRO is a brainchild of the California University of Management and Sciences-Virginia Campus (CalUMS-VA.) CalUMS PRO aims to make a valuable contribution to the Washington, DC area business and entrepreneurial communities while creating employment opportunities for its students and graduates.

The internship-to-employment program provides CalUMS PRO offers onsite and offsite engagements and incorporates both, project-based and time-and-material, contractual arrangements.

CalUMS PRO offers a wide array of affordable services and products, from IT service management and network engineering to software development, testing, and data analytics. Utilizing University’s extensive resources and significant infrastructure, CalUMS PRO is led by the Information Technology executives and experienced professionals, competitive edge to our customers and empowers our students.

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Khulan has been the boss of all bosses for her entire lifetime, with more than a decade of professional experience in the U.S. higher education sector.




Peter Smolianski is the CalUMS-VA MSCIS Program Chair and IT Executive. Peter contributes nearly twenty years in the industry and significant expertise in all areas of Information Technology. Peter is the “P” in the “Pro”.


Chief Technology Officer

Anil is an Information Technology Enterprise Architect and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of in-depth experience with an unbridled passion for leading, building, and implementing large-scale enterprise-class IT systems.


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